We welcome everybody into the Rose & Crown on the premise that manners are always present and respect is shown at all times.
Our rules are designed to keep a nice relaxing atmosphere and prevent the likelihood of anyone feeling uncomfortable.

Under no circumstances EVER will threatening or violent behaviour towards either staff or fellow customers be tolerated.
Any person found either possessing, using or distributing any drug will be banned and reported to the police.

Children are welcome in either the dining area or garden between 12pm & 8pm. They must remain with the parent/guardian at all times as supervision is paramount, even when visiting the toilet. We absolutely insist on children being kept under control with no running around inside the pub as a safety precaution against possible injury where heavy plates, glasses and alcohol is prevalent.
We must also point out that our back room we now call ‘The Snug’ is no longer an area for children to be left to their own devices, i
t is instead a room specially made available for those that prefer a quieter enviroment when enjoying a drink.

Any insubordinate behaviour will result in the culprit(s) being politely asked to leave the premises immediately.

We cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur
when either supervised or otherwise.
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